Forging new friendships with fun activities at Bishopscourt

We believe that excellent nursing home care is more than just catering to our residents’ physical needs; we want our residents to live and enjoy their lives, by being part of a happy, active, vibrant community. This philosophy is reflected in our full and extensive activities programme. Driven by the ideas and preferences of the residents, our programme contains something for everyone, to encourage everyone – residents, staff and visitors – to join in the fun. We also believe that social activities help new residents to adjust to life in Bishopscourt by helping to build new friendships, giving them a chance to socialise and feel “at home” in their new environment.

A vibrant social life helps us all to form an exciting and inclusive community, which we believe adds a bit of sparkle to the life of residents and enhance their health and wellbeing. Our activities programme is put together by our specialist coordinator, who works with the residents to develop activities that meet the needs of all residents.

Featured Activities