Sight, smell, sounds and touch all evoke memories and everyday familiar items, from vintage gadgets to toys popular when residents were in their youth, can stimulate mental activity, ease agitation, prevent loneliness through shared experience, and encourage positive interaction among our residents.

We have created the Bishopscourt Memory Care Programmme, which includes such items as:

The Sensory Box – Contains sensory items for residents with cognitive impairment to evoke memories by sight, smell, sound and touch. Items include lavender pouch, colourful toys with different feels, old photographs, pipe tobacco and many more.

The Memory Box – Contains everyday items that we would all be familiar with to help evoke conversations that include residents, families, friends and employees. Items include tin whistle, a deck of playing cards, a mouth organ, an Ireland holiday card, a wind-up alarm clock and many more.

The Personal Memory Box – Contains items specific to a resident that will evoke memories and conversation points for families and friends to reminisce about. Examples of these items would be old family photographs, a letter, a particular smell or anything that will aide memory.

The Story of… Booklet – Help us with memories of your loved ones by completing our “The Story of [Resident’s Name]” booklet. The information from this booklet will provide memories from their life including special memories, special people, places their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies and favourite stories.